Director's welcome

Dear residents of the Arkhangelsk region!

I am glad to greet you on behalf of the team of Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation. We sincerely hope that this website will become a high-quality and useful source of information about our projects and ongoing activities, as well as the existing business support measures.

We are ready to advise, analyze and implement the most ambitious ideas. But do not think that we are going to do it instead of you. After all, any project does not mean anything if there is no an initiator. Therefore, the driver for the economic development of the Arkhangelsk region should be people who do not criticize but suggest. Our task is to find and support them.

Corporation’s mission is to actively participate in the development of the region and be useful to its residents, businesses and the government. We are not afraid of the difficulties; on the contrary, they inspire us and give us confidence that, if something is a strong desire, then anything can be achieved.


   I have to say, we have an extraordinary team. We believe that the Arkhangelsk region is the best, because it is our home.    And we are not going to move to big cities, but we want to develop the region and create a comfortable environment for living   and starting up new businesses.

  Join the team of Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation. We are always open to dialogue and cooperation.

  Alexey Kovalev,

Director General of JSC Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation