Cluster Development Centre

The objectives of the CDC are to identify cluster initiatives, to create conditions for effective cooperation between participants in territorial innovation, industrial and other clusters (hereinafter referred to as clusters), educational and scientific institutions, non-profit and public organizations, government bodies, local governments and investors in the interests of cluster development , Ensuring the development of clusters, facilitating the coordination of cluster projects, ensuring cooperation of clusters among themselves.

Achievement of the activity objectives is accomplished by solving the following tasks:

  • Development of projects for the development of territorial clusters and investment programs, including:
  • Development and implementation of joint cluster projects involving participants in territorial clusters, educational and scientific institutions, and other interested parties.
  • Organization of training, retraining and advanced training of personnel, provision of consulting services.
  • Assisting participants in territorial clusters in obtaining state support.
An effective solution to the above tasks will help to generate additional sources of growth in the regional economy through the development of small and medium-sized industries in territorial clusters and to achieve target indicators of the effectiveness of the activities of the Central Committee of the Arkhangelsk region.

The development targets for which the activities of the Central Committee are directed are:

  • Pilot innovative territorial clusters;
  • Territorial clusters;
  • Cluster environment and infrastructure facilities for supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in the Arkhangelsk region as a whole.