There are around 250 enterprises in the Arkhangelsk region producing construction materials, among them woodworking plants supplying materials for the wooden house-building industry, as well as factories delivering construction materials for construction of brick, cast-in-place and reinforced concrete buildings, specializing in the manufacturing of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures and elements, walling materials, cement, aggregates and other materials.

Performance of the construction materials industry over years:

Product      Unit of measurement         2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

Cement, thousand tons 330,0    355,0    720,0    662,0    656,0
Walling materials, mln. of brick equivalent   20,7    22,5    19,5    23,0    33,2
Building brick, mln. of brick equivalent   18,5    20,5    16,6    19,2    27,8
Large side blocks, mln. of brick equivalent  2,2    2,2    2,9    3,8    5,4
Reinforced concrete precast constructions and elements, thousand cubic meters 73,0    102,0    119,9    126,8    128,3
Aggregates, thousand cubic meters  1278,0    1511,0    2825,0    2901,5    3430,2
Including crushed stone and gravel made of natural stone and sandy gravel, thousand cubic meters 1032,0    1270,0    1407,0    1348,5    1404,5
Gypsum and gypsum rock, thousand tons   222,1    343,8    324,5    511,0    534,0

The largest factories producing construction materials are CJSC Savinsky Cement Producing Factory, Kotlas Limestone Brick Making Factory ltd., Arkhangelsk Limestone Brick Making Factory ltd., JSC Kuznechevsky Factory for Manufacturing of Building Structures and Materials, JSC Severodvinsk Construction Materials Factory, JSC Novodvinsk Factory for Manufacturing of Concrete Goods No.2, JSC Oktyabrsky Integrated House-building Factory, Savinskbeton ltd., Zhelezobeton subsidiary ltd..

The region needs manufacturing facilities to produce construction materials, in particular high-grade cement and walling materials.

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