There is a good potential in the Arkhangelsk region for using local and renewable energy sources in the regional power balance.

In the result of forestry activities there are produced more than 5 mln cubic meters of by-products from logging operations, timber sawing and wood processing, which is a good basis for implementation of investment projects within bioenergy development and introduction of energy-saving technologies. Potential raw materials to be used as fuel in the future are wood wastes from smaller sawmills, dry and defective softwood in-between the Northern Dvina and the Pinega rivers where 200 mln cubic meters of old-age spruce forests are prone to drying out on the area of 2 mln hectares, as well as young growth on the transmission line routes and along motor and railroads.

Other promising options for investments in the energy sector are development of wind power engineering and establishment of wind farms on the territory of the region, together with laying of electric power lines for transmission of generated electrical power and establishment of wind power units manufacturing.

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