The Arkhangelsk region is one of the leading timber industrial centers in Russia producing around 33% of all the Russian pulp, 26 % of cardboard, 9.7 % of sawn timber, and 9% of both commercial timber and paper. 79 countries from all over the world import the Arkhangelsk timber on a regular basis.

The region has huge timber processing enterprises with foreign capital like Ilim Group, Pulp Mill Holding GmbH, as well as Industrial and Commercial Enterprise Titan, Joint Stock Financial Corporation “System”, ULK Group of Companies; they unite the leading regional timber companies. The region produces one-third of all the Russian output of pulp and cardboard, up to 10% of sawn timber and paper. There are facilities in the region capable to produce 300.000 tons of wood pellets. Total investments into the timber industry from 2008 to 2014 amounted to 46 bln rubles, including 26.4 bln rubles under priority investment projects within timber harvesting.

Investment opportunities in the timber industry include development of hi-tech manufacturing facilities for advanced mechanical, chemical-mechanical and power-operated processing of small-sized, low-grade, deciduous wood, and wood wastes with the focus on the home market needs.

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