Transportation system plays an essential role in the economic life of the region. All means of transport are widely used on the territory of the region: motor vehicles, railroad, air traffic, sea and river vessels.

Arkhangelsk has a multi-functional commercial port of the year-round navigation for transshipment of general cargoes due to the infrastructure enabling to handle up to 4.5 mln tons of cargoes annually and an up-to-date container terminal. The Northern Sea Rout goes via Arkhangelsk. The Route is the shortest way for cargo delivery compared to the traditional routes from Europe to the South-East Asian markets.

Arkhangelsk is a major transportation hub on the following railways and highways: railroads Arkhangelsk – Obozerskaya – Murmansk trunk, Arkhangelsk – Yaroslavl – Moscow, Arkhangelsk – Konosha – Kotlas; federal road М-8 Kholmogory.

Arkhangelsk has Talagi international airport, which is now under renovation to meet the existing modern standards.

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