Arkhangelsk 11 startup teams SKFO presented their projects to investors

4 august 2016
July 15 at the conference hall of the hotel "Pur-Navolok" held a "Demo Day" accelerator "Momentum-A" on which were 11 start-up teams Northwestern Federal District.

Assesses the business projects of a regional pool of experts and investors, including representatives of: the Russian Venture Company (RVC), the Foundation for the development of Internet initiatives (FRII), "Rostelecom", Fund "Our Future", Saint-Petersburg Business Angels Association, the Ministry of economic development of the Arkhangelsk region, the strategic initiatives Agency, regional development institutions.

"For 3.5 months actively worked with the teams were daily consultations c federalnyi and regional experts. We try to "pump up" knowledge projects on construction of financial models, marketing, sales. After all, as we know, often startups offer a sensible and feasible profitable ideas, but simply can not explain them to your future clients and investors to find the right words, images, numbers, quality present. Thus, the ideas remain unclaimed, or even "die". Therefore, our task was to make an attractive start-up projects for the investor - commented the first deputy general director of corporate development of the Arkhangelsk region Olga Gorelova.

Recall that in this year's "Momentum-A" is the selection stage of the federal accelerator GenerationS. Development Corporation of the Arkhangelsk region in cooperation with the Russian Venture Company held in the regions of North-West Federal District collection of innovative projects. Total on the accelerator was sent more than 70 applications from Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Novgorod, Pskov, Vologda, Leningrad and Moscow regions, as well as from the Republics of Komi and Karelia.

Throughout the day, participants presented a brief presentation before eksperatami and investors to clearly tell about the project, "hook" to present visual arguments as to why it is in the idea they have to invest. Each team was given for the provision of their ideas in 5 minutes.

Projects were submitted to different subjects, ranging from highly specialized, such as «5click.ru» - an online service for automatic error checking in accounting to creation of a network of centers and mobile complexes of medical care for children. In addition, the presented innovative technologies in the aviation industry.
As a result of viewing projects expert jury has selected a team of Murmansk with the project "Simulation of virtual reality for training« Rodeo Sim »». They were entitled to no competitive selection for the federal accelerator GenerationS.

«Generations is a platform that brings together its ecosystem of investors, experts and mentors. This is the window where the coming startup can get the maximum number of contacts that will help them develop further. This year we continued to develop the range of corporate accelerators, now there are eight, and they branch "- said the coordinator of the development of the infrastructure programs of OJSC" Russian Venture Company "Oksana Petrova.

Each team received a certificate of completion of an accelerator "Impulse". Valuable gifts handed "VTB" bank and "Rosselkhozbank".

project "Geographic Information System for the monitoring of power lines" is also the regional representative of the Foundation of the Internet initiatives of Andrew Meyer said. Pre elaborating the idea, they will be able to get to the starting selection in absentia accelerator FRII in September. In addition, this project became interested in the company and "Rostelecom".

Note that the last graduates of the accelerator "Impulse A" team "yaEnergetik" has passed not only correspondence and full-time acceleration, but also received an investment from the Fund in the amount of 2.1 million rubles.
"We need to show the budding startups that their ideas with the right approach can be implemented. Our task - to help them, to give impetus to the development of the project, contribute to attraction of investments to the project could continue to grow and enter new markets. We will continue to work with the teams of the accelerator "Momentum-A" to help them prepare their project proposals to the federal accelerator GenerationS », - said General Director of the Corporation for the Development of the Arkhangelsk region Alexei Kovalev.

Press-service of JSC "Corporation of the Arkhangelsk region development"